Primeboard Painted Doors

With PrimeBoard, Pfleiderer presents premium paint products for high-quality furniture and interior design. Thanks to an optimal colour combination, Pfleiderer PrimeBoard can be used and combined in a variety of ways. An innovative multi-layer coating technology ensures high colour stability and excellent material properties for problem-free processing. For this, the German Innovation Award was presented in 2019!




XTreme Matt (XT) - Purism, which is never out of fashion

With the XTreme Matt surface, Pfleiderer PrimeBoard looks as modern as it is timeless. The extremely matt finish, with less than five gloss units, enthrals designers; the velvety feel invites people to touch it. XTreme Matt gives plain decors and wood reproductions a truly pure and precious appearance.The high degree of everyday suitability is enhanced by the anti-fingerprint effect: It protects the surface against unwanted soiling and enables particularly fast and easy cleaning.


XTreme High Gloss (XG) - High gloss, extremely elegant

Pfleiderer PrimeBoard with XTreme High Gloss surface produces a perfectly even and three-dimensional mirror shine that lends a modern touch to plain decors. At the same time, ist impressive depth conveys an extraordinary elegance to classic wood, stone and mother-of-pearl decors; and thanks to its excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, the high-quality surface will retain its gloss for a long time.